The Technology

Using the blockchain to empower Small Businesses

Earn Groupad Reward Points from your website traffic.

When you create a Groupad account, we will ask you if we can place a Tracking Pixel on your website (you can say no, but you’ll miss out). This pixel will enable you to participate in the Groupad rewards program, by rewarding you with advertising credit in exchange for tagging your website visitors. There is no change to how your website works nor your website experience. It’s invisible.

Example Process

You hold a 10% stake in a campaign that generates 100,000 leads, netting you 10,000 visitors

Data from the 10,000 visitors is collected by Groupad, then sold to advertisers to show banner ads on other websites.

When ads using your provided data generate impressions, you get a 50% cut into your account.

You can then then use this
credit to purchase more website traffic from Groupad campaigns.


Get discounts on campaigns sponsored by big brands

By allowing the Groupad Tracking pixel on your website, not only can you profit from your website traffic, but also get discounts on exclusive sponsored campaigns.

Essentially, a big brand will fund a portion of your campaign, and in return they will get advertising on your website (as pictured). For a small business that means cheaper campaigns, and also premium brand association with a major player in your industry.

Example only

Good for the small business


Reduced cost of participation in co-op advertising


Brand association with a major player in your industry


Generate income from all your website traffic

Good for the big brand


Good Brand publicity for helping out the little guy


Get access to 1st party data of your ideal audience


Brand shown on both Groupad advertising and Business website

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