Example Campaign

All campaigns are found on the Groupad platform. All you need to do is find one that you like in your industy, and your desired area.


Here’s what a campaign might look like

Campaign Type
Poster Advertising

Industry Focus
Cosmetic Dental

Area of Focus
Sydney CBD
Poster Features
  • Content appeals to one specific industry
  • Clean simple design by a professional agency
  • Appealing offer (you are made aware of the campaign offer before you buy in)
  • Bottom URL will redirect people to your website (e.g. www.smile123.com.au redirects to your business)

Serious strategy behind all the campaigns

The campaigns are all implemented with a strategy to maximise ROI. See image for example strategy of poster and screen advertising all over Sydney CBD.

223 Screens | 80 Locations

Features per day
100 per Screen
Feature duration
7 seconds
Feature time
6am – 8pm
Campaign length
20 working Days





Picking a Campaign in the platform

Simply find the campaign that suits you. All the information about location, price, campaign type, and special offering is provided. When you have picked one, all you have to do is decide how much of it to purchase.


Control your entire Campaign right from the app

Adjust your investment level, opt out, or even buy more of the campaign from the dash. All of the results are sent stright to you, allowing you to track how it’s all going.

Have some more questions about how it works?

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Your small business Advertising could look like this, without the price tag.