For small businesses, establishing a loyal and local customer base can be the best way to ensure steady profits and gradually build your brand. So what is the best way of securing this kind of loyalty?

Ultimately, the best way to build up an affinity with customers is to make sure that they feel appreciated. This can be achieved through the power of gifting.

In marketing terms, gifting can mean thanking customers with small gestures such as a free coffee in your café or 20% off their next purchase. It could also come in the form of loyalty points, whereby you gift them with a suitable present according to how much they have spent in-store. What and how you gift is ultimately up to you, and will very much depend on your client base and their preferences.

If you need any more convincing about the power of gifting to entice and engage, however, we’ve put together a couple of reasons to make your next campaign a generous one:

Gifting establishes a mutual respect between business and customer

In today’s modern consumer society it is all-too-easy to be cynical about brands and the motives behind their advertising campaigns. Building gifting into your advertising strategy is a great way to push back against this tendency. Indeed, providing your customers with generous goodies and discounts will break down any of the hardened barriers or cynicism that many consumers carry today. It will increase their goodwill towards your business and may even encourage them to recommend your services.

Gifting will set you apart from competition

It can be disheartening to think that your campaign is only one of the hundreds that a consumer may come across on a daily basis. Modern consumers are bombarded with invitations and offers on a daily basis, and many people simply do not have the time to engage with all of them.

Gifting, however, is a great way of advertising a business and encouraging prospective clients to stop and consider your services for a moment in their busy lives. Make sure that you foreground any gifts that come with a campaign in your marketing collateral.

Photo: Gift Boxes by FutUndBeidl licensed under Creative commons 4