It seems almost too good to be true. Is it possible that you can gain valuable advertising space and quality exposure for free? And reap great rewards? Yes, you heard correctly, it is possible!

How do I advertise my small business for free?

We all know small business advertising costs can be high and out of reach for some budgets. However, without it, this can hamper your growth and prevent you from reaching new customers to increase revenue. The good news is that through the magic of the internet, there are FREE advertising opportunities out there for small businesses to boost your customer base and grow your revenue. Some options are:

Online search engines

Online search engines such as Google My Business or Bing Places for Business offer free business profiles that allow you to build a profile for your business for free and appear in searches and location maps. The power of Search Engine Optimization can also rocket your business to the top of search listings for certain search phrases.

Online business directories

Other options available are online business directories such as Yellow Pages, White Pages or Hot Frog. These sites offer free business listings, giving you exposure and options to turn up in searches.

User-generated online content platforms

User-generated online content platforms can also be a great, free option to get your name out there. These sites include Buzzfeed and Wiki-How. There are many other options out there also, so don’t be shy, get Googling or Yahooing and see what you can find. It may be very worth your while.

Other options

Some final suggestions for free online advertising for small businesses are to use platforms such as, or Air Tasker to build your profile and gain some new clients. And lets not forget the power of social media: Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These sites allow you to build your profile, build your follower base and turn your networks into clients to grow your business while leveraging the power of word of mouth and referrals.

And the final word on finding free marketing ideas for small businesses…

Warm up your fingers and go online… search what’s available. Trial different options to find what delivers the best results for you.

Photo: DSC00227 by Andrew_Writer licensed under Creative commons 4