There are many benefits to marketing your small business at the local level. Local business advertising:

• Introduces your products/service to a loyal customer base
• Elevates your company in the local community
• Enables your company to become a household name, opening you up to a wider customer base

To experience these benefits and more, here are six ways to locally market your business.

#1 Update your website

To ensure customers favour you over competitors, ensure your website is current and simple to navigate. Also, make sure it contains your contact information (i.e. phone number, address, email address, opening hours, etc.) so customers can contact you easily.

And, as customers will visit your website in various ways (i.e. mobile phone, tablet, iPad, etc.) it must be mobile friendly.

#2 Get to know the locals

Do some research and learn where your potential customers shop, worship, and have fun. Visit these places and see if they have any upcoming events you can get involved in. This will help you target your audience effectively, and introduce you to many potential customers.

#3 Start blogging

Most consumers search online for local businesses. To improve your search ranking, you need to use sound SEO practices. A fantastic way to do this is by blogging. Publishing blog posts regularly means your website will be frequently updated, increasing your search ranking. And, by adding keywords, you will attract more prospective customers.

Along with being informative, a blog will drastically increase visitor numbers, social media followers and leads. And, ultimately, this will increase your profits.

#4 Create targeted social media ads

Facebook is a great way to both get to know your target customers and reach them effectively. Unlike traditional advertising methods, Facebook ads allow you to take an individualised approach, targeting consumers one-on-one.

The ads can target specific characteristics, such as: sex, age, interests, location, online habits and more. Easy to use and inexpensive, you can reach more potential customers in a shorter period of time.

Are you a small business owner, looking to get your name out there? If so, contact the friendly team at Group Ad today.

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